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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 24, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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(male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> pam: new tonight an update on a store we have been falling in the east bay. a rodale man said he was wrongfully the tank by dr. cooley's police on sunday and captured some of the encounter on his mark found. >> i do not consent to the search you do not have the consent, we are doing what is called an identity search. >> reporter: nummi tonight
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and no city of the show and hercules is willing in on the situation kron4 charles clifford as the heartless tonight with details. charles. >> reporter: released after 10 minutes and being given a citation a charge that he disputes he was not told why he was pulled over in the first place. he accuses them of racial profiling. >> that is the only reason i can think of it accurate that it was racial profiling i am not a recently paroled individual i have never done anything wrong. >> reporter: the matter is not a personnel situation and under investigation. >> reporter: the mayor says he finds it hard to swallow. >> knowing the officers and
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interacting with them at an attractive the community and the first to situations is hard to believe that this has happened. >> reporter: she copley's is responsible for investigating any wrongdoing with a officer creek >> reporter:. >> it will take action on what ever is being done. >> and going to take into the next level current until i find the answers. i will take it to an attorney curry >> reporter: in hercules, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: we checked in to and followed up on this story after ab were told us about it. if you have a story you would like to see coal to a
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website kron4 dot com and click on my kron4's got story tech. story tab >> pam: we are following the breaking news of texas tonight with a former marine has been convicted in american sniper murder trial just a short time ago jurors returned the verdict against eddie raised self he was accused of killing chris kite and his friend jack littlefield in february 2013 they had taken him to a shooting range after his mother asks us to help them defense attorneys argued that he was mentally ill when he kills the to says prosecutors did not seek the death penalty in this case he will receive an automatic life sentence without parole the case drew intense interest because of the
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blockbuster film based on kyle's memo about his or i iraq towards. >> pam: and i salute a bicyclist was struck and killed eight but a car littered this afternoon video from our helicopter partnership with abc seven initial testing of the accident were the bicyclist a moment and had 34 forties' was struck by a car in east oakland in the area of plant and central streets of emergency crews of running and pronounced the woman did at the same. the driver of the car was a man in his fifties he stayed at the scene to cooperate with investigators. >> pam: fairfield officers tried to curb
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>> reporter: the one last night where the lady was killed happened right here behind me. you can see the train tracks here or caltran with all your working repairing the tracks creek completing the intersection at his not open brick the neighbors and drivers are concerned the take this route every day. >> reporter: there is no doubt that the train tracks in menlo park are active threat act to say the least wear these days dropped down several and our third book to this very be another accident waiting to happen? >> these kind of intersections are dangerous. >> reporter: dr. lawrence n.
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doyle thinks so, he has lived and this mail park neighborhood for 14 years and has seen the problems get worse. >> as i understand it several people died here at every year. >> reporter: wahl today i stood out at the intersection up old-growth avenue and elm street for a couple hours is just one block down from where a train struck a and and killing the driver in the short time i was out there i saw several cars stopping on the tracks including this lady. when she saw it may she tried to get all around the tracks by driving and to coming traffic he says something needs to be done before the tragedy like this happens again. >> this last accident was needed is we need some kind of safety device. >> reporter: caltran is
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continuing to investigate the crash for a woman was killed in mellow part where her car stopped on the track and riven with ave hit by a trend. trained >> according to witness statements thinking that that traffic would start moving as she made her way onto the track at it did not before the gates came down. >> reporter: the driver's options are limited. >> the best course of action is to remove your vehicle. >> dili, if they raise the tracks like they did in san carlos that would be a great thing because that's the ultimate solution print of course it would not happen for many years >> reporter: trusses go
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under the st in holly street in the same thing has been discussed for menlo park crossing back in 2001 the city received a grant to look that preliminary designs but they did not apply for one for construction design until 2014 creek officials say that even if this becomes a priority. even if they get the $20 million to do this it would not happen before 2020 at the earliest in menlo park kron 4 news. >> grant: and disturbing trend in the east bay as vehicles are being broken into. as people are shopping eating, and watching movies at a popular shopping center. >> grant: in the past two
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weeks seven vehicles in union city have been broken into and items had been stolen. this is at the union laddie shopping center where there is a movie theater and a chris the claim palo and other businesses. the vehicles were locked when these broken in. >> pam: keeping kids safe during the ongoing strike that is the primary reason dell italy baseball has been shut down on stills donated by the to soar refinement and martinez. hundreds of children and several leaks use these fields for baseball and soccer games. as the labor negotiations continued union workers point out that they are not preventing not strike related organizations from that trend facility. >> pam: kron4 received this
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statement from to sorrow at least in part the league record the to the agreed that all activity should be suspended and the actress of the safety of the players parents, spectators, employees and pictures. once a final agreement has been reached between shell and the you as the bill and the local chapter has been ratified the agreement to sorrow were dark with the league to get back on the field. it >> pam: a california lawmaker wants to ban chewing tobacco at all baseball games and the state. kron4 j.r. stone is with the giants at spring training to 90 at some of the teen stars what they think about the proposal? >> pam: today the first day
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of spring training for the giant it appears that a couple of the players were using to buckle again i say appear because some bauer sees income are also popular. chile is something that baseball players have done the years but assembly member tony permit abortion said enough is enough. >> reporter: not a tobacco users spoke to me this afternoon creek >> guys, have habits and i guess it's pretty stubborn for it and make a lot of money. and they pay would ever find the want to give them for it but is not a whole lot of big dippers' are round. if they do they keep it under cover print that will be the biggest challenge to catch dies. because guys are sneaky. -- to catch the guy
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>> reporter: they're still a number of questions out there on how well the rule is enforced. and that's bill j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> pam: we will take you to the local film premiere of a documentary of a that of a boy known as that kid. --bat kid >> reporter: our next door system is just south. where we could see some rain coming up and five minutes.
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>> grant: this video may get away all round tonight by a brokerage and homeless man's lap record handcuff on the
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transit while he is on the ground creek slow the video down and you get a good look there is to rid the fort lauderdale police officer victor ramirez was off duty at a bus top the homeless man said he is met at what happened and he wants justice. >> most of the police officers are wrong here are very peaceful and have a job to do this guy? i do not know. >> reporter: >> ♪ >> we are now conducting an internal investigation. part of that will be a first phase, we will be looking at criminal allegations that dan will be conducting an
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administrative review. >> reporter: the department says officer ramirez receive use of force training every year as for the city they say this incident does that help their arctic controversial image with hopeless this. = = >> pam: the attack comes on the same date the justice department decided not to file civil charges or civil rights charges against george zimmerman and the shooting death of on aren't traded on martin that the o.j. says there is not enough evidence to bring federal civil rights charges those charges will require proof of the killing was motivated by race. a jury acquitted zero men of second-degree murder charges in 2013 the man was accused of prejudging martin as a suspicious person when he shot and killed the un are collecting and 2012.
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>> pam: officials say those signs st be aware of falling rocks need to be taken seriously part of a cliff breughels above u.s. highway 6 near the town of golden colorado. the largest piece was the side of a pickup truck and it smashed into a car the driver was not seriously hurt the road was closed for about three hours. >> he was taken into custody for felony hit and run violation, hit and run by relation to the local section is 20001 which is basically a hit and run with injury and in this case multiple injuries. >> reporter: this is all
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that is left of the truck involved in the pre-dawn collision in oxnard northwest of los angeles. the driver fled the scene was found later days but unhurt. >> we were doing about 60 mi. per hour at the time. at the gates were down the engineers use the emergency brakes had the bricks that already were slowing down on hit him. >> reporter: the most is the injured was the train driver. he has been moved into the icy you and is being worked on actively. four of the train cars were hit were fitted with new collision energy management technology to prevent the cars from continent in on themselves. >> i did with this safely say it would have been much worse without it. >> pam: the lights that
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graced the bay bridge are going dark. on march 5th the lights will be shut off so caltran can do may miss on the cables along the bridge. the display consists of 25,000 l.e.d. white lights making it the world's largest l e d light sculpture. officials say the lights will be reinstalled in next year just in time for super bowl 50. >> reporter: we had a warm day with the mix of '60s and '70s across the bay area and napa valley. mid-60's during the afternoon and we would do it again tomorrow, cry temperatures have fallen into the 40's and '50's was san francisco 55 right now creek oakland 56 and san jose the sacred overnight tonight to purchase will continue to fall so for the
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next three hours you could expect 444910 and 11:00. -- 9,10 and 11pm >> reporter: coming up rain system. >> pam: still to come should there be a moratorium on drums? new at 8. one east bay city take up the controversy tonight. plus is a bitter divorce that will make your draw dropped.
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which is perfect for me, because i think everything should just work. works? works. works! works? works. works. >> pam:ahead at eight. it's not a slam dunk. but an east bay basketball team. is on track to do something they have not done in fifty- years. >> pam:their store is coming up. plus. e-s-p-n yanks keith olbermann out of the anchor chair. >> pam:coming up in sports. the twitter war that got him in hot water. and next. berkeley takes up the controversy. on whether or not to allow drones.
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>> pam: the secret service says. it will fly drones over the future. >> pam: jeff? >> reporter: on the agenda is set for a two-year moratorium of the operation of drones creek last look at the video so we can tell you what we are looking at. we are not talking about draws the hobbyist use. we are talking about police surveillance drones here and berkeley. >> are not trying to ban the draw is that people are playing with what their
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children occurred we are concerned with what the government uses them for. what will be the use of that kind of information. >> reporter: lee said that they have a legitimate application. as regards the bomb squad and other-to polities as well. what they counsel issing is that they do not want to call brett and dropped altogether just take two years with no drop operation here and berkeley. and there are none in the city of doubt berkeley police department. we will have more information. the >> nation's capital in the near future the agencythe agency is not disclosing exactly where the exercises will take place. other than, the plan will involve areas where flights are typically restricted. >> pam: airspace above the white house. the u-s capitol. and other sensitive
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sites around washington. are restricted. >> pam: the secret service says. the exercises have been carefully planned and coordinated with other government agencies, and will be quote: "tightly controlled." >> pam: an american missionary in nigeria has been kidnapped. in what authorities call a purely criminal act. police say, five men kidnapped the reverend phyllis sortor. >> pam: the veteran free methodist missionary from seattle. was kidnapped near the academy where she taught. her kidnappers are demanding a ransom equal to three - hundred thousand u-s dollars. >> pam: the state department and the f-b-i say, they are working to find and rescue her. (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found some people behaving badly. >> reporter:you're looking at cellphone video of what appears to be two men county cash in san francisco what makes this video unique the people counting the cash are dressed as monks >>faux monk: you give money to like some peace? oh money donations its ok thank you
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san francisco has been hit by faux monks and nuns yes you head me fake monks and nuns hitting up unsuspecting people for cash >> reporter:she put a been on my wrist she handed me a piece of paper she said peace peace then she asked me sign my name i sais ok fair enough. >> and i signed my name and she said for peace then she's like the next row is how much you going to give i was like oh you just gave me this i'm not going to give you anything she sais give me the piece of paper back give me the beads back >> reporter:after that he heads up to the nike store to look at some brand new shoes >> reporter:after she leaves nike she starts hitting up more people including this man who offered her a dollar but she wanted more so that apparently how they do it yes i said they because they are literally dozens of these faux monks walking the streets panhandling >> reporter:so i followed a few of these men and women as they tried to hit up
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people for cash in. i was hoping for that he tried to give me a golden piece of paper and some beads .but i was holding a camera in both hands but listen in >>nat sounds >>after he leave me he tries to hit up this lady >> i do not have $5. >> i do not have cash on me. i am sorry. >> i do not have cash on me. i am sorry >> reporter:this has happened to many of the people i have encountered waking around union square but it not just in that area this woman's husband was hit up >>well he was walking down the embarcadero yea and somebody approached him you know dressed in brown had like the beends i think he like a bracelet or something and he put on my husband and like held his hand so he could like get away? at first i think he blessed him or something >> reporter:same thing
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happened to this man >>i was walking down the street a guy walks up to me and he starts handing me this bracelet i was like tell him no man i not really into it and he wanted me to sign in his little journal i don't know the whole thing felt like a com >> reporter:now watch this man same monk just listen in >>donation donation, oh i'm sorry i don't have ansy cash im sorry stop . hey where you from then the man got involved >>what are you doing that's aggressive panhandling you cant grab people no no no you can grab people like that you cannnot touch them you can ask them for a donation but you cant grab them cannot not touch them don't do this ok >> reporter:then he limps away . wait did i say limp. hummm just a few minuites before he had no limp >> reporter:here is later outside of pink berrys on he cellphone. i tried to talk to some of the monks and they simplyin san francisco
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stanley roberts kron 4 news >> pam: tonight, we will take you inside a billionaire the pores permit plus his crusade against crime captivated the bay area and the world now in a new doctrine documentary on bat kid! >> reporter: upper 40's i will wonder how 0 weren't we would get tomorrow all of those details coming up!
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>> i am stretching and
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hoping that we can wind accurate--we can win >> undefeated 16 and 0 and we are 15th and what i just want to knock this out of the park. to make them feel that we need to step our game up for last for next year this how i want them to fill creek >> reporter: expecting a real tough game on saturday but they say they are prepared separate reporting live in san leandro patrick >> grant:we mentioned a viewer let us encourage you to do the same. the process is really easy.on our website.go to the news tab. >> grant:once'll see a link that says click here.
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>> grant:do that.and fire off a quick email: let us know what's up. >> grant:we'll check it out. share your on >> pam: one of the two young people that went on a spree with comparisons to bonnie and clyde are now talking to dr. phil. : 08 to week bonnie and clyde crime spree in several states. they were reported on surveillance video. dr. phil will top that crimes claim-- will talk over this crime spree. >>video
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>> pam: hays believes that his girlfriend was 19 years old and not 13 and pregnant they were finally cornered asleep in a stolen vehicle. in florida. it did end peacefully and not the bloodbath of the movie bonnie and clyde. >> reporter: we had it one day to day with '60s and '70s with temperatures cooling down into the mid '50s. >> reporter: santa rosa on the cooler side and in some lower 50s. >> reporter: at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and will start cooling. across the bay area. inland low to mid- 40s. warming up. the time i
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will be in to the mid-60s and upper 60s across the inland area. we could see if you more clout for it north in the area, north to bay. with the sea pettifog tomorrow. across the that-- apache patchy fog across the bay area. >> reporter: across the north bay and peninsula more sixties. it will is one for this time of year. we do have a chance of showers for friday and saturday.
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>> pam: bat kid incredible story is coming to the big screen with to get there and a few minutes. >> pam: curry was he able to play on his injured foot? if so, how did they do tonight?
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>> reporter:the latest on court celebration to get out of hand.on the campus of kansas >> reporter: what is it about this story? >> i think it is about how hard people came together for little skit wish, they did not to a head the effort they made it an amazing day the to possibly give anyone as five years old. >> reporter: remember when he saved got the city could not have done it without the mobile. >> i tell what to make a
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wish so what ever we need to do with cars we stepped in and provide that card. --car >> i wish that it was not over. >> reporter: tonight when the documentary ear you would now seek a dry eye in the house print reporting from san jose. >> gary: good evening! >> gary: invited sole to the white house curry will do that tomorrow he warms up for obama 0 against the washington wizard's tonight. came out on fire scoring 13 in the first quarter. >> gary: 25 points. pierce
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past west tonight first highest for its highest point. >> gary: 44 and tan warriors next up. cleveland cavaliers and lebraun james the first curry, if you believe the word he and president obama would take a few shots at the white house creek >> reporter: >> gary: by all accounts he will be this that would be the left fielder. he made a comment about wrestling bomb garden and he had to backtrack when he got the chance to look tannenbaum gardner. baumgartner >> gary: now to buster posy
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the deal were you go on the internet and vote for the face of baseball. >> gary: it gives lonely people a chance to vote. >> i have not followed that but any time and it both from the fans is a great fighter. --it is a great honor >> gary: posey, right off the script. i betcha a quarter of the players laughed at hand. last act him.
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>> gary: remember and i was not on the same courage he revealed today that he was offered a large sum of money to show up and instead he congratulated him in a video scoreboard print the money offered was crazy and that turned off i was not going to do this for a payoff. >> gary: someone would not get up from one of these piles creek we told them this all of the time after they stormed the court last night. one day? someone will be panic under that title and all of the fund will stop.
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>> gary: she's all berman, something about this guy. he needs a family, and half the or something to worry about her if she has been suspended by e n t s because he was in an argument with a penn state student on twitter. with long exchanges and referred to the students as pitiful. he blasted their reputation. depends state student was participating in a charity function and pour over man and i say that because you are almost 60 years old and you are arguing with an 19 year old he does not quite get it. >> gary: i have already told pam that if i was to do this argue with someone on
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twitter, pam you are to shoot me and the lake barrett do not finish me off but if that actually get mad as somewhat on on tour to please click me up. >> gary: but is that actually happens and i get mad at someone on twitter please wake me up. >> pam: hopefully we do not have to do that gary. >> gary: on to the same. --i am just saying.
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>> grant: tsk the budget includes $300,000 a month for a project $160,000 and vacation accommodations at even to a thousand dollars a month for stationery. griffin claims the so-called budget includes her over the top expenses the bomb was an extravagant life style dishes might get the money because under illinois law out or is it calculated based on
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